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Volunteers cook 1000 meals in three hours at Borough Market to feed London's homeless

On Tuesday 17th September, 200 eager volunteers cooked up a series of Asian-inspired dishes for the wok to 1,000 event to help feed the homeless.

Led by Jeremy Pang, chef and founder of School of Wok, the cookery class at Borough Market provided a feast for the participants as well as more than 1,000 people in need.

Meals created on the morning were packaged up and delievered to charities and organisations across the Capital via the Plan Zhereos network, an inititaive that helps connect businesses who have surplus food with those who need it.

Hatty Cary, from Borough Market said: "We were thrilled to host Jeremy Pang's Wok for 1000 event which saw volunteers producing over 1,000 meals for those in need - a truly impressive achievement and proof of what can be accomplished when people come together.


"Borough Market's traders donate surplus produce to charity Plan Zheroes every week in a bid to tackle food waste, a partnership that has to date helped feed over 100,000 people. Events such as these are absolutely crucial in communicating issues of food poverty to a wider audience. Although those that took part today will have had a thoroughly enjoyable experience, I'm sure that they will also have been left reflecting on what more they could do to avoid good food going to waste at home."
 20th September 2019