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Borough Market reopens after terror attacks

Borough Market has remained closed since 3rd June when three men mounted an attack in and around the market’s bars and restaurants, killing eight people and injuring dozens.

At 10am this morning, after an emotional minute's silence, the historic market's bell rang to mark the start of trading for the first time since the tragedy unfolded 11 days ago.

The market's chair of trustees, Donald Hyslop, said the reopening marked the healing process and thanked emergency services for their response to the attack.

He said: "There has been a market in this area for 1,000 years. It has survived fire, flood, plague and war. Sometimes - like now - it has become the focus of attention.

"But mostly it has just been a part of the everyday life of the city and its communities - a place people come to shop, eat, socialise and laugh. That's exactly what markets do all over the world - bring people together."

In an earlier statement he added: "This is not just a collection of stalls, it is a community of people: traders, customers, staff, suppliers. It is an institution defined by its warmth and personality, a place of great diversity and openness. It is these qualities that will see us through this nightmare. As a community, we will join together to mourn those who died, offer strength to those who have been wounded or traumatised, and continue to defy those who believed that this happy neighbourhood was a valid target for their hatred."

 14th June 2017